Calibre Coatings is a professional Painting Contractor that has been in business since 1986. Year-round, we expertly apply:

  • Paint, Specialty Coatings and Wall Coverings
  • Elastomerics, Textured Elastomerics and Epoxies

Our mission is to provide a service that raises the existing painting industry standards for professionalism and reliability.  We operate throughout western Canada with offices in Calgary and Edmonton.  By virtue of our extensive experience in the construction industry, CCL has become a leading painting contractor for large commercial and industrial projects.  This includes projects that pose difficult procedural, time constraint, or access-type challenges.

As well, we are proud to have become Calgary and Edmonton’s most experienced company in the exterior painting and elastomeric coating of high-rise buildings and towers.

The exterior re-painting of condominium projects has always been another specialty of CCL. Large crews are required to complete these projects in a timely manner and without resident inconvenience.

Whether your painting project is an existing high-rise, a concrete manufacturing plant, a new treatment plant, hospital, school, or condominium, we have the experience and professionalism to do the job right.