Polished Concrete

A popular choice for many years, polished concrete is tough, super durable and doesn’t require a high level of maintenance.

Concrete is porous, but the method of creating a beautiful shine by polishing the surface makes it hard simply by sealing over the pores. By using special diamond cutting machines, this process substantially reduces pitting and scaring, creating a more stain-resistant glossy surface. It even discourages tire marks in garages and dealer show rooms. If you’re looking for a green alternative to concrete enhancement and protection, consider polished concrete – an environmentally sound option for almost any concrete application. Polished concrete is the perfect solution.

To further enhance the long lasting, care-free alternative to polished concrete, consider adding design features such as colour and stencils, such as logos and other brand elements. Turn your polished concrete floor into a work of art. Perfect for sport facilities and arenas, retail showrooms and convention centre flooring.

Economical to install and inexpensive to take care off, polished concrete floors mean less wear and tear on cleaning equipment, expensive chemicals and doesn’t require regular patching or even replacement. Calibre Flooring will explain the advantages of the polished concrete with its superior stain resistance and provide advice on their complete line of professional design applications.