Remember when your dad painted the basement walls as a way of “keeping the dust down”?

Concrete coatings have come a long way.

As a porous substance, applying the proper coating is vital to preserving your concrete’s integrity, transforming its appearance and protecting your investment. Today’s limitless array of coatings ensures a beautiful, smooth concrete surface for years to come.

Acrylic is a fast and inexpensive coating, perfect for all types of floors including uneven surfaces such as exposed aggregate, brick and stamped concrete. Choose a solvent or water-based coating, available in a matte polish right up to a high gloss finish. From sidewalks and driveways to your garage or warehouse floor, Calibre Flooring will help you choose the right coating to preserve that investment.

Epoxy coatings are durable, tough and recommended for heavy-duty surfaces. From non-slip textures to high gloss sanitary surfaces and low VOC requirements, epoxy coatings are repellent as well as beautiful. For applications in extreme cold or high humidity, choose a solid or clear poly-aspartic finish which can be ready in 24 hours. Ideal for vehicle showrooms, medical facilities or hangars, Calibre Flooring offers a full range of product and expert advice.

Dustproofing is still a necessary part of concrete preservation. Densifier coatings and chemical hardeners protect against abrasion and improve durability by working with the natural components of concrete on a molecular level. Calibre Flooring provides this and other green building options with zero VOCs. Ask us about safe, water-based coatings today.